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WIDOK. WRO Media Art Reader” is a cycle of multimedia publications by WRO Art Center, a reader of textual and audiovisual materials on theory, esthetics and history of new media art.

Widok (Polish for “the view”) is also the name of the street in Wrocław where WRO Art Center has opened in 2008. In accordance with its name, the series presents an insight into cultural and artistic phenomena from the realm of new media, as seen through the collection and archives of both WRO Art Center and the WRO Media Art Biennale. It is thus a view shaped by the works, topics and personalities throughout 30 years of WRO activities, presenting the nexus of art, technology and social phenomena emerging from the shifting domains of artistic creation and media.

“WIDOK. WRO Media Art Reader” series deals with media art worldwide, and is both an excellent academic aid, as well as a source of insight for everyone interested in contemporary art and its evolution throughout recent decades.

As a rule, the publications include audiovisual footage from the archives of WRO – works, documentations of artistic projects and interviews – providing valuable examples of the phenomena and processes discussed in the books.

WIDOK. WRO Media Art Reader 4
The history of video installation

book + online video materials and documentations, 184 pages, hardcover, Polish edition
edited by Viola Krajewska & Piotr Krajewski