Television pictures of East and West as an iconography of two worlds whose screens resemble fluttering flags.

Im Bereich der West-Wind Welt (Cold War Monument)

Ingo Günther



Ingo Günther’s “Im Bereich der West-Wind Welt (Cold War Monument)” (1991) installation was a response to a new geo-political situation that emerged in the aftermath of the end of the Cold War and the dissolution of the USSR. Two flat flag-like screens, hoisted on tall masts facing each other, flutter loudly and rhythmically in the blower-generated wind. The projection makes them replete with symbolic meanings as the “Stars and Stripes” appears on the flag blowing left-to-right while the “hammer and sickle” on the flag blowing in the opposite direction. The article observes that Günther, an artist, journalist and correspondent fascinated with the development of new communication technologies, explored important global socio-political issues and gave the complex themes an original and synthetic expression in multimedia installations.

Im Bereich der West-Wind Welt (Cold War Monument)